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Largest and Oldest

Worldwide Rotary Fellowship

All Rotarians can join the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR). The only requirement for joining is an active interest in boating (ownership of a boat is not required). Fleets are located worldwide.

By joining Seattle Rotary Mariners you also become a member of IYFR and part of both great fellowships.

IFYR Areas Around the World

Area 1: Europe - Middle East - Africa

Commodore Sergio Santi


Area 2: The Americas

Commodore Gary Bruneri


Area 3: Asia, Australia, South & Western Pacific

Commodore Terry Stetton


The International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR)  is the oldest and largest of the Rotary Fellowships.  It began in England in 1947 and has grown to 88 fleets, with more than 2600 members in 21 countries. Seattle Rotary Mariners began in 1950 and have been a part of IYFR throughout the years.

International Bridge

International Commodore

Terry Stretton - New Zealand

International Vice Commodore

Clint Collier - USA

International Rear Commodore

Sergio Santi - Italy

*Seattle Rotary Mariners and IYFR operate in accordance with Rotary International policy, but are not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International or the Rotary Club of Seattle.